Small Spaces?  No Problem.

Efficient Inspections with Robotics

Snakebot enables operators to inspect pipeline efficiently and wirelessly and we’ve partnered with a world class service provider to bring the vehicle to market.

No Tether Needed

Tethers get caught on things – so we removed the tether. Snakebot is powered by rechargeable Li Ion batteries and uses an HMI designed In-Pipe WiFi system for realtime command, control, and payload data streaming from the vehicle.

Modular Design

Snakebot is a modular robot.  The base payload includes light ring / camera modules at the beginning and end of the vehicle.  Modules may be developed for Snakebot to enable multi-mode sensing inside pipes.  Additionally, Snakebot may be scaled in size to efficiently traverse a wide variety of pipeline sizes.

Realtime Data

One of the big advantages of a tether is that you get realtime data back from a robot.  We decided that was possible without the tether.  So, we made an in-pipe WiFi system that only requires a transmitter attached to the end of the pipe.  The WiFi system allows realtime data streaming and command and control of the vehicle.  We have coupled that capability with the vehicles bi-directional design to ensure that the vehicle can reverse direction as needed to get a better look at an anomaly in realtime, based on the analysis of the data.

Benefits of SnakeBot


Snakebot doesn’t need an elaborate support system.  We can just throw the vehicle in a truck with the In-Pipe WiFi system and a laptop and head to site.

Scalable Size

The design of Snakebot can be scaled from 3″ pipe to 8″ pipe.  This enables I.R.S. and Houston Mechatronics to inspect a variety of pipe sizes and types.

Reconfigurable Missions

Snakebot leverages realtime payload and vehicle command and control data transmission to ensure that the vehicle is operated in the most efficient manner possible.  This means that the vehicle can stop, go backwards, and switch sensors on and off as required based on conditions found in realtime.

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