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From underwater robotics, to inspecting pipelines we are innovating in markets that need it.  Our commercial solutions and services offer dramatic cost savings and safety improvements over conventional methods and our defense solutions enable the warfighter to conduct operations in an intelligent and covert manner.

The Three Pillars to Everything That We Do


Focused on Industry 4.0 compatibility, we design, build and implement state-of-the-art robots that take your team out of dangerous environments while allowing you to get the job done more cost competitively and with higher quality.


The backbone of any robotic solution is predicated on strong mechatronics technology. We’ve spent over a decade inventing the latest mechatronic components in everything from motion controllers, electric machines, and elastic actuators, all the way to robot-specific communication architectures and custom sensors. These deployable technologies feed and inform our thinking in every robot problem we tackle.

Intelligent Automation

Our creations sense their surroundings. They don’t merely manipulate the space and objects around them, but do so in a way that is safe for use around your team and highly-valued equipment.

Industries we work in


Aquanaut is both capable and covert.  The vehicle can both map and manipulate it’s environment quietly, and covertly.  This is especially useful in Mine Countermeasure Operations.  In this scenario Aquanaut is capable of carrying payloads which can locate mines, then the vehicle can transform and manipulate with a high degree of autonomy.  This capability presents the warfighter with additional tools to increase stand off distance and increase fleet safety.

Offshore Oil & Gas

Our Oil and Gas services are designed to disrupt the standard operating cost model in the industry.  Aquanaut is a product that was built to dramatically lower the cost of subsea robotics work. Real value is hard to come by working on the ocean.  That’s because most operations require large boats and lot’s of support crew.  This is where our innovation kicks in.  We don’t need that large vessel, nor do we need the large crew.  We have invented a novel compression and fault tolerant communication system to enable efficient communications over long distances.  This, coupled with our point and click manipulation commands, enables Aquanaut to work in the ocean at a fraction of the price of conventional technology.  Real Value and Real Cost Savings – that’s Aquanaut.

Onshore Oil and Gas

We provide heat exchanger inspection services in partnership with Innerpipe Robocam Scan (I.R.S.), using our robot, Snakebot.  Snakebot is able to wirelessly inspect pipes with 1D bends.  This capability affords customers cost savings and an increase in imaging fidelity over conventional methods.


Offshore renewables are taking off all over the world.  Harnessing the earth’s natural power in order to power the cities of the future is one heck of a forward looking endeavor.  Unfortunately, the renewables sector is still dependent on conventional vessel technology in order to accomplish periodic inspections.  Aquanaut can dramatically lower the cost of these inspections by getting rid of those pesky boats.

Seabed Mining

Every seabed mine needs a worker on the seafloor.  Aquanaut is the tool that can allow seabed miners to make their operations more efficient.  No tether to tangle on equipment and increased manipulation capability allows for miners to run equipment more efficiently in one of the harshest industrial environments on earth.

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