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Breakthrough performance for subsea manipulation

We broke all the rules when we made the Olympic Arm

Benefits of Olympic Arm

  • No More Hydraulics

    Nearly everyone who uses subsea manipulators thinks that electric arms are weak and useless. We broke that mold. Olympic Arm was designed to be as strong as the strongest hydraulic arms on the market today. Unlike those hydraulic arms, we don’t rely on pressurized fluid. There are no COTS parts that enable this performance, so we built the arm from the ground up for one purpose: Prove electric arms are superior to their hydraulic counterparts.

  • Strong, but Nimble

    Our arm can lift 500 kg but it isn’t a big brute. The Olympic Arm runs Aquanaut’s advanced control architecture. That enables us to provide an arm capable of cartesian navigation out of the box. Further, our eye is on the prize: Automated manipulation. Every Olympic Arm has hardware capable of automated manipulation from the factory. We offer different automation modules on our cloud storefront, SeaTech. Just order a module for a job and sync the arm. It’s that easy.

  • Safety Focused

    Our safety stack, Azimov, is used across our products. Azimov is a law based system for our technology which ensures the safety of people and assets. The implementation on the Olympic Arm allows us to have X,Y,Z keep out zones in our command software (Where the arm can’t ever go, even if commanded), force sensing, and multiple e-stop and enabling protocols for human interface with the device.

Aquanaut Inside

We built the Aquanaut technology stack as a portable and modular system which we share across platforms at HMI. Just like Aquanaut, the Olympic Arm is an enabling platform for our software system. We (and you) needed arm hardware that was strong, yet precise. App development is rapid and can be easily downloaded and applied to the arm to unlock more functionality overnight.

Let’s automate

The Olympic Arm is capable of automated functions straight from the factory. There are numerous one-click functions that are preprogrammed, like arm stow, calibration, quick tool change, and the Zorro slice (because we can) right from our factory. Specialized manipulation automation can be purchased in our cloud storefront SeaTech on a project by project basis.

Don’t Like That End Effector?

Change it out subsea! We made a subsea quick change end effector system for Olympic Arm that allows us to switch out tools on the fly. Have a four finger jaw but need a parallel jaw for a delicate task? No big deal. Olympic Arm includes Imenco four finger jaws (Parallels are options) and more tools are coming online monthly (cutters, torque tools, etc).

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