Flexible 3-D Monitoring and Warning System For Hazardous Areas

HaloGuard combines multiple  2-D and 3-D sensing technologies and leverages deep-learning techniques to monitor work areas and alert staff when they cross workzones that were established for specific areas and activities.  With HaloGuard you can monitor your work area with as simple as 1 Orb on a tripod and a transit case, or you can do a permanent install with wearable sensors and Orbs.   The HaloGuard Orb houses the optical sensors used in our system.  We can network and easily calibrate up to 8 orbs per work area to eliminate blind spots common in other solutions.  They may be mounted in any angle and can even be mounted high above the work area.  The orb data are processed in our HaloGuard server.  In this server we both process all system data and serve up the HaloGuard application.  You don’t need any special software to view HaloGuard – it runs in a browser and you can connect to it from any device (tablet, etc) that is on the same network.   HaloGuard can also connect to customer or third party sensors through our Resource Gateway.  This enables the use of bi-directional wearables, like Salunda’s Crew Hawk.  HaloGuard can even integrate into an existing e-stop system in order to send a stop signal to a safety system when a user enters a prohibited zone.   Warnings and alerts come from supported bi-directional sensors or via alarm panels like the one shown here.  HaloGuard was built to improve operations and keep people safe.

Intelligent Multi-Zone Monitoring

HaloGuard allows users to set up and monitor as many zones as they need for an operation.  Zones are super easy to set up and modify on the fly and can be any size and shape.  We support three types of zones:  Keep-in, Keep-out, and Warnings.  Users can organize zones into activities to enable 1-button operation of the system and remove zone duplicates.   The purpose of a zone changes with the activity that is being completed.  Therefore, users can organize their zones into Haloguard activities and set the purpose of the zone (keep-in, etc) for that activity.  Once set up, all an operator has to do is select an activity and the zones will activate and change purpose.

Sensors and Data

HaloGuard doesn’t rely on one sensing technology to determine if a person is in view.  We also don’t rely on one technology to accurately determine and track the X, Y, and Z position of a person.  We combine optical sensing technologies, enable deep-learning algorithms on the backend, & support bi-directional wearable sensors from Salunda.  Leveraging multi-modal data can reduce false positives & keeps operations running smoothly while still protecting staff and improving operational efficiency.  With our Resource Gateway we enable bi-directional communication with nearly any field-bus protocol and can send signals to customer equipment from our system.  We can even trigger an emergency stop of equipment based on a HaloGuard zone violation.  What happens to all of the data from a zone violation?  We save it and allow users to play it back and export it from the system for review later to ensure process improvement.

Ease of use

Click 1 button and HaloGuard starts working.  HaloGuard was designed for the user.  The system’s complexity scales with the capabilities of the operator.  We do this through user modes.  Administrator mode has access to all features of HaloGuard.  Administrative users can make zones, assign zones to activities, playback user events, assign sensors (if implemented), and view low level debugging data.  In contrast, the ‘operator’ mode provides the ability for the user to simply choose activities assign sensors, and view playback data.

Benefits of HaloGuard

Personal Safety

HaloGuard is a product that can help companies protect their greatest investment: People.  Area based safety is still a challenge in multiple industries today.  2-D security cameras are good for site security, but they fall short when warning staff that they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.   We integrate a great deal of data in our 3-D system to determine where people are and if they have crossed a user boundary.  We do this because operations are complex and customers need dependable tools that scale with their business.

Unparalleled Flexibility

We designed HaloGuard so that it’s never ‘in the way’.  User zones are super easy to set up, can be any shape, and can be changed on the fly.  Activities can be established to organize zones and multiple orbs can be networked in 1 area to eliminate blind spots.  The system can be as simple as 1 orb and a transit case that monitors a lift or as comprehensive as a permanently install multi-orb system with wireless wearables.  If your operations include area based monitoring, HaloGuard can help.

Operational Continuity

At HMI we considering collecting and correlating disparate data and generating meaningful results from it a core competency.  HaloGuard can ingest many data sources from your work area to detect and warn staff that they may be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  We don’t just rely on one type of sensing technology.  In addition to our optical technologies we support bi-directional wearable sensors like Salunda CrewHawk so that individual warnings can be provided.  Why?  To reduce the chance of a false positive shutting down operations.

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