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Purpose built for underwater robots

Commander was purpose built to enable Aquanaut to accomplish difficult tasks with supervisory human control.  In order to do this commander leverages an immersive and intuitive environment, leveraging 3-D design and Virtual Reality (VR) to enable operators to make decisions and guide Aquanaut through it’s tasks with confidence.

Sharing Data In Austere Conditions

One of the exciting innovations we have enabled with Aquanaut and Commander is the ability to characterize and compress large point cloud datasets so that they may be shared in austere communication environments.  In operation it’s pretty simple:  Aquanaut images a scene with it’s multi-modal machine vision payload.  The data are passed to a point cloud generator and a point cloud is created.  This point cloud is then used by Aquanaut AND is compressed using our proprietary morphological compression algorithms.  These compression routines allow us to reduce the dataset size to allow for acoustic transmission.  Once the data reach our operations center (through a satellite backhaul), it is inserted into Commander and operators manipulate it in 3-D.

1 Operator : 1 Aquanaut

Commander allows a single operator to control an Aquanaut in the field.  This is done through automation in Aquanaut’s firmware and the intuitive planning environment in Commander.  Instead of an operator on a joystick, Commander enables users to plan vehicle maneuvers using a point and click interface.

Data Aggregation and Display

Commander aggregates and displays an enormous amount of data.  Users can drag in 3-D models of structures, import point clouds and customer supplied data, and analyze vehicle data from one platform.

The Benefits of Commander

Efficient Communications

Communications in the ocean are far from perfect.  Acoustic communications can be lossy and low-bandwidth.  Our communication and compression strategies are built to ensure the most efficient acoustic communication possible in the ocean.  This means that we only send important data back using proprietary compression and communications methods.  The result:  Over the horizon manipulation.

Operator Efficiency

Today’s ROVs require multiple staff to coordinate the operation of the vehicle. This speeds up the planning and execution of subsea robotic operations and enables our 1:1 ratio.  The reduction in workload is great for the operator and, ultimately, translates to more economical operations.

Decentralized Operations

Commander is a web based software platform and therefore can be used on mobile phones, tablets, and PCs.  The data are stored and served on our secure servers.

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