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Transforming the Blue Economy

Mission Services

We did not start with Aquanaut. We started with an innovative business model: Lower our reliance on vessels for 75% of the work done in and around the offshore energy sector. The only way we could do it? Invent Aquanaut and the infrastructure the vehicle needs to enable our business. Aquanaut enables our mission services team to accomplish offshore subsea work at a significantly lower price than conventional technology. Connect with us to learn how we can help you save a boat load of money.

Aquanaut Sales and Leasing

Aquanaut is transforming ocean technology and, in some circumstances, we offer the vehicle as a sale or lease to our global customers and partners. Connect with us to learn more about how Aquanaut can transform your Ocean.

Olympic Arm Sales and Leasing

The Olympic Arm was designed as a drop in replacement for the subsea ROV market but has applications in multiple markets. We are committed to getting our technology in your hands and offer multiple acquisition models for customers. If you require a super strong electric arm that is capable of automated manipulation connect with our team today.

Strategic Research and Development

Our defense team is committed to developing great apps for Aquanaut and its derivative platforms. We see Aquanaut as the enabling hardware of our ecosystem. Our software and purpose built applications make our ocean technology truly special.

Become a Partner

We believe in partnering with companies who are great at what they do. Our partners help us work with customers to ensure their success during sales and maintenance cycles. We are always interested in talking with potential technology partners and vendors. If you make a device that may benefit subsea perception, navigation, or manipulation we would love to hear from you.

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