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Is it an ROV or an AUV?


Welcome to the future

Why Aquanaut ?

  • Stop Buying Lots of Robots!

    Sometimes you need an ROV, other times you may need an AUV. We designed Aquanaut to be the best of both platforms. The vehicle can manipulate subsea and has all the remote capability of an AUV. No more waiting for another vessel (or for a vessel at all)

  • Aquanaut Redefines Value

    Aquanaut doesn’t need a manned surface platform for operations. That saves end customers a whole lot of money. We estimate that Oil and Gas customers will save approximately 30-40% by using Aquanaut based services that HMI deploy.

  • Azimov

    Aquanaut has been equipped with a myriad of sensors to ensure that the robot can perceive what the vehicle is doing to the environment and what its environment is doing to the vehicle. All of that data are inputs to our safety system onboard Aquanaut, called Azimov. Azimov helps the robot interact with people and equipment safely and predictably. At any one time we have more than a dozen ways to make the robot safe, whether it be over acoustics, radio, or hard line.

AUV Mode

When in AUV mode, Aquanaut can cover up to 200 km (108 nmi) in one mission while accomplishing typical AUV tasks like seabed mapping, and wide area structure inspection. We threw in a few cool features to set Aquanaut apart from other AUVs, like vertical thrust control, and a head unit that rotates 360 degrees so we can inspect underneath structures.

More than meets the eye

Find something in AUV mode that you want to manipulate? Aquanaut transforms!  The hull separates in one fluid motion, exposing two additional control thrusters, the vehicle arms, and adding another degree of freedom to the vehicle head mechanism.

ROV Mode

Turn a valve.  Use a subsea tool.  Scan structures.  Aquanaut can accomplish these advanced subsea operations with just a few mouse clicks.  Our operators use mouse clicks, not joysticks, to operate Aquanaut. No need to teleoperate the vehicle as the technology to abstract high bandwidth user input is baked into every vehicle.

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