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Born in Space
Inspired by the Ocean

About Us

Houston Mechatronics, Inc is developing an ecosystem of cloud-based subsea robots, software, and subsea services delivered in a modern business model to the offshore industry. These include our flagship product, Aquanaut, its Dept. of Defense counterpart, and a suite of hardware and software to update existing ROVs. HMI’s robotic systems will be delivered to commercial and Department of Defense (DoD) customers primarily through a Robotics as a Service (RaaS) subscription business model but also direct product sales where required. RaaS products are controlled through HMI’s Wavelink, our over the horizon remote connectivity. This modernized approach to subsea robotics as a service has also resulted in the development of a range of products for retrofit/upgrading legacy ROV/AUV platforms. We believe that there are many changes to make to conventional ROVs and AUVs, that will ensure near term revenue opportunities and help push the entire industry forward thereby also increasing our overall value. Our services provide customers the necessary data and manipulation capability to support maximizing production and improving asset value while minimizing their operating footprint, operating cost, carbon footprint, and offshore HS&E exposure.

Meet The Executive Team

Nicolaus A. Radford


Nic is Co-Founder, CEO and CTO of Houston Mechatronics, a cloud robotics company with deep ocean applications. Prior to that, he led NASA’s humanoid robotics efforts for both Space Station and future Mars missions, including both Valkyrie and Robonaut. Additionally, he was also the PI for NASA in DARPA’s advanced electric machine research for robotics. Nic led NASA’s efforts in exoskeleton research for ISS crew exercise and mobility assistance and initially served as Co-PI for NASA on DARPA’s Warrior Web program, which focused on wearable robotics for military applications. He has extensive experience leading multidisciplinary teams in challenging development timeline environments. During Mr. Radford’s tenure at NASA, he was the recipient of numerous patents, design awards, and commendations for his expertise and leadership that ultimately culminated in him receiving NASA’s Outstanding Leadership Medal. He has been published several times on a multitude of topics relating to spaceflight robotics and contributed to Springer’s Humanoid Robotics Handbook.

Reg B. Berka, PhD


Dr. Berka is Co-Founder and COO of Houston Mechatronics. He served as chief of the Robotic Systems Technology Branch at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Johnson Space Center. Prior to his recent tenure at NASA, Dr. Berka served as president of Aphelion, Inc., where he developed the startup business into a global leader in electronic payments for the health and fitness market. He guided the company from startup through an acquisition by CheckFree, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia and became vice-president, general manager of the resulting business unit. While at Aphelion, the company received the Crescent Technology Fast 50 award in recognition of the top 50 technology companies in Texas by Deloitte and Touche. Dr. Berka earned his Ph.D in mechanical engineering from Rice University and holds a BSME from Wichita State University. In addition to his current work with Houston Mechatronics, Dr. Berka teaches engineering coursework at the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

Sean M. Halpin

SVP Products and Services

Sean is an accomplished executive and ocean technologist with nearly 20 years of experience in commercial and defense maritime domains. He is the SVP of Products and Services at HMI. Sean is a recognized international authority in Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) and Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) development and in the commercialization of these technologies. Over the last 18 years, Sean has established a track record of building successful unmanned businesses in oil and gas and in silicon valley.

Prior to joining Houston Mechatronics, Sean was part of the senior leadership team at Liquid Robotics, A Boeing Company, where he oversaw all global commercial business verticals.  Prior to Liquid Robotics, Sean was responsible for the ground-up development and commercialization of the UUV divisions of two multinational Oil and Gas service companies.

Todd Newell

SVP Business Development

Todd Newell, SVP of Business Development for Houston Mechatronics has enjoyed a career that has taken him from being a contributing engineer for industrial automation and robotics to executive levels of engineering and business development leadership with worldwide responsibilities.  For over a decade now Todd has been focused on developing and commercializing Offshore Technologies and he joined Houston Mechatronics this past year to lead the commercialization efforts.  Todd has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with extended studies within Business Strategy & Strategy Execution.

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