Robotic Solutions to Complex Problems

We are a venture backed service company that offers robotic solutions in Energy and Defense Industries

Who We Are

We pride ourselves on thinking and acting differently. Our products and services reflect that commitment to innovation. We have a mission to make difficult, repetitive, and dirty tasks safer and more cost efficient by leveraging our core capability: Robotics. Our team is dynamic and we are driven by a desire to change the world through our technology.

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What We Do

We are a service company that is powered by our in-house technology.  We have honed our technical skill through our experience building amazing robots and are marrying that with a service offering like nothing offered today.  Find out how we are changing markets by solving complex problems through robotics.

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What We Build

Our technology is fit for purpose and it’s not too bad on the eyes either.


Is it an ROV?  Is it an AUV?  Nope.  It’s an Aquanaut.  Meet the robot that is changing ocean technology.

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Built to inspect pipes with 1D bends, Wirelessly.

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Commander enables our robots to do amazing things in an immersive 3-D and VR environment.

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Latest News & Updates

August 14, 2018

New website!

Business has been pretty crazy over the last few months!  We have just about doubled our headcount since April and have made considerable strides in all of our technical developments around the company.  4 years ago, when HMI was first formed, the company’s mission was simple:  Use our engineering talent to solve complex problems for […]

April 27, 2018

IEEE Interview with Nic Radford

Ahead of our Aquanaut announcement yesterday,  IEEE interviewed our CTO, Nic Radford, to learn more about what Aquanaut is and why we decided to make it. 

October 9, 2017

Our Take on the Future of the Robotics Industry

What comes to mind when you think of robots? Mechanical arms along assembly lines? Voice-activated, internet-capable technologies? Humanoid creations able to interact with those around them? Modern perceptions vary greatly from the technology’s portrayal in 1960s-era sci-fi — and with good reason. As our capabilities continue to advance, robots are increasingly becoming part of people’s […]