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Unleashing maritime autonomy
to transform
the blue economy

Our Team

Our world class team is transforming the Blue Economy. We started by building robots that were out of this world (literally) and now we have taken that technology and know-how underwater. Our driven team of engineers have one goal: reimagine ocean robotics so that they better address the needs of our modern society. To create a more scalable, more profitable, more environmentally responsible, and smarter ocean economy that serves us all.

For Partners and Customers

We are dedicated to delivering our technology to partners and customers through product sales and our mission services team.

Our Products

See the products that are transforming ocean technology


Meet the robot that is in a class of its own.


Commander enables our robots to do amazing things in an immersive 3-D and VR environment.

Olympic Arm

Think electric arms are weak? Think again.

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